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3D TRASAR™ Technology for Cooling Water

3D TRASAR Technology is evolving to meet ever more challenging customer needs. The innovation of 3D TRASAR Technology is already soundly embraced worldwide. 25,000 systems are currently in use. 10,000 water systems are monitored 24/7/365 by Nalco experts, supported by 5,000 on-site experts. But innovation is a continuous process. The next generation of 3D TRASAR Cooling Water Technology gives you the information and operational assistance you need to control your cooling water systems.
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3D TRASAR technology saves our global customers water, so much water, we built a counter to keep track of the savings.

Every element of 3D TRASAR Technology has been improved. New smart sensor technology. New user interface. Improved connectivity. Seamless integration into advanced remote monitoring, reporting and alarming. There are literally hundreds of improvements, all based on what you, our customer, are telling us you need. With this continuous improvement, the world’s most trusted cooling water system control technology sets a new standard in value delivery.

Enterprise-Wide Impact
Effective control of cooling water systems can impact your entire enterprise -even across multiple locations. We understand that cooling water systems have a crucial and complex relationship with other plant processes. 3D TRASAR Technology is designed to monitor key performance parameters and optimize water management through custom solutions.

3D TRASAR Technology is a flexible and effective data management and system control platform locally, as well as enterprise-wide across multiple locations. It offers a single technology platform for expanding and standardizing system control, data management and effective decision making across every plant location, anywhere in the world. 3D TRASAR Technology is an enabling automation system and trusted partner for benchmarking and establishing best practices.

3D TRASAR Technology is smarter than ever, incorporating smarter sensor technologies that watch the leading indicators. So you can anticipate problems with a real-time view of operational data, and solve them before they become an issue. Innovative sensing of scaling, fouling, and corrosion potentials is managed by the new controller, which then instantly initiates proper corrective action while simultaneously gathering, trending and reporting the data. Your view of plant systems operational status has never been so complete, accurate and actionable. You’ll be smarter, too. With the updated web-based monitoring/reporting portals, it's simple to view your operation with convenience, timeliness and thoroughness never before possible.

Whatever you manufacture, control of your process directly impacts not only operating efficiency but product quality. You cannot afford to sacrifice either one. Your profits, and your reputation, are directly affected. Additionally, plant safety is enhanced by maintaining a well-balanced cooling water system with mechanical assets that are protected by proactive stress management. Nalco has designed hardware to meet our customers’ rigorous safety standards.

The Nalco enVision performance platform lets you view system status anytime, anywhere. It’s been designed as an easy to interpret interface, with information displayed in graphic formats that enable simple and timely decision making. Everything you need to know, from detailed system status to inventory levels and alarms is instantly viewable…on any device from laptop computers to smart phones. And remember, Nalco is always in the loop, not only viewing the data through Nalco 360™ Service, but providing valuable on-site expertise.

Comprehensive and Expandable Platform 
Our smart sensing technology delivers information that is accurate, precise and in real time. Our proprietary tagged polymer technologies allow the controller deliver instant intelligence on chemistry concentrations and feed. But more importantly, 3D TRASAR Automation determines the need. Micro-biological activity is continuously measured. Conductivity, pH, turbidity, flow rates, corrosion, scaling potential and more are continuously monitored and reported in real time. When any key parameter moves beyond strategy limits defined for each, the controller instantly responds.

You see the data on any web-enabled device. And the engineers at Nalco 360 Service have their eyes on your system 24/7/365 to monitor system status and alert you to and advise you about any potential stress control issues. Knowledge is power, and with it you and your Nalco team can control your systems with unprecedented precision.

A sustainable water treatment system is critical to the reliability and profitability of any facility. Nalco Water is focused on understanding the stresses in your system and designing a program that can respond to these demands, resulting in reliable operations and maximum throughput.
how does 3D Trasar technology work?

Watch our video to see how 3D TRASAR technology for cooling water can help your operations.