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Improving Oil and Gas Production


When even conventional oil fields are unconventionally complex, success depends on strong global partners. For specialty oil field chemicals and, more critically, the experience to predict, diagnose, circumvent and solve production-threatening challenges, that partner is Nalco Champion.

We are a zero harm organization, committed to achieving zero accidents, zero incidents and zero environmental releases and maintaining safe operations for all who interact with our products and services. We align our business practices to support the sustainable production of energy for the world, with products, services and technology designed to help you produce and refine oil and gas in a more efficient and responsible manner than ever before.

Size is good. Focus is better.

Asset integrity, flow assurance, production maximization and water management - Nalco Champion is singularly focused on the chemical programs and related services that improve production and solve your most complex challenges consistently and capably. Through careful pre-evaluation, the implementation of effective treatment campaigns and performance monitoring, we consistently provide value-enhancing solutions to these and other complex problems.

And to ensure that our people have the skills and support to solve your problem every time, we integrate talent management, training and development, operational excellence and knowledge sharing to deliver a singular Nalco Champion experience you can count on everywhere we do business with you.

Today's oil fields demand focused, local, value-added chemical expertise. One-on-one help, backed by a global knowledge network, is the real value of our global footprint. Every day, we personally deliver insights that yield meaningful, quantifiable value to thousands of operations.

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