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Sustainable Pipeline Protection for the Midstream Market

The midstream market has experienced an increased need for asset integrity intervention in recent years. Pipelines have been carrying more and more diluted bitumen and heavy oil products, leading to the detection of more corrosion features in pipelines and other equipment, such as pump stations and tanks. More heavy oil means more corrosion – we are developing technologies to safeguard pipelines at a lower cost with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

We are achieving environmentally sustainable solutions through advances in research.

Nalco Champion is at the forefront of research to determine the best way to protect the integrity of pipelines. As reserves of light oil diminish, our corrosion programs are becoming increasingly vital to maintain pipeline assets and protect against leaks. We are working with industry partners to develop technologies to safeguard pipelines at the lowest cost to our customers with a more sustainable approach. Our NACE-accredited, OQ-certified pipeline personnel are committed to helping our customers maintain the integrity of their midstream oil and gas infrastructure while addressing the unique safety challenges they face in pipeline maintenance operations, pump stations and line excavation operations.
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