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In Mexico, Ecolab launches free online tool to help companies improve water management

"Good intentions do not reduce water consumption; having clear objectives and using technology such as the Ecolab Smart Water Navigator, helps to achieve these objectives," Emilio Tenuta, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability at Ecolab.

April 29, 2019

Mexico City, Mexico. April 29th, 2019. — The United Nations predicts that the world will face a deficit of fresh water of 40 percent by 2030, and according to S&P Trucost, the use of corporate water will continue to increase worldwide. The message is clear: all sectors must reduce water consumption; and industry, which accounts for 20 percent of freshwater consumption worldwide and 40% or more in developed countries, must do its part.

Under this landscape, Ecolab, the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, presented in Mexico the Ecolab Smart Water Navigator, a free online tool to help businesses throughout the world improve water management at their facilities in the face of growing global water scarcity.

The Smart Water Navigator is complemented by the Water Risk Monetizer, a tool that Ecolab introduced in Mexico in 2017, and that helps companies understand the real value of water, which is often significantly higher than what the business pays. While the Water Risk Monetizer identifies problems with the water and calculates its economic impact, the Smart Water Navigator indicates the actions to be taken to reduce costs and improvement water management in the operation.

The Smart Water Navigator (www.smartwaternavigator.com) can be used by companies from all sectors of the economy, regardless of whether they managed one or hundreds of installations. Based on a 13-questions evaluation, created by leading experts in water management, the Smart Water Navigator shows companies how their individual facilities are performing compared to industry-leading water management practices.

The tool places each facility on a Water Maturity Curve, and generates an industry- and location-specific guide with practical action steps to help a company build sustainable, “water-smart” practices and achieve the next level on the Water Maturity Curve.

"Ambitious corporate-level objectives are set, but installation managers often do not have the tools, resources, and incentives to meet expectations. Since 2011, the overall use of corporate water has only dropped by 10 percent; this is not enough to counter the water demands that are expected in the next decade," said Emilio Tenuta, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability at Ecolab.

Companies can classify facilities by geography, water scarcity level, and current performance, allowing them to prioritize specific sites for investment in water saving solutions. A reference function also allows companies to evaluate their position in the water maturity curve compared to others in the same industry.

Because water is heavy and has to be pumped, heated, cooled and treated for commercial use, the cost savings the tool can generate are not only related to lower water bills, but also to less energy use. This means that saving water also allows companies to achieve their climate goals since lower energy use also means less greenhouse gas emissions.

"Nobody wants to end up in a situation where companies are in disagreement with their communities because they are all competing for the same water sources. As a matter of fact, this is already happening in many countries and cities around the world, including Mexico where approximately 77% of the population and 79% of GDP production are in areas that have only 32% of the country’s water availability. We want to ensure that companies can continue to grow and generate profits in a world with limited water resources, while at the same time, contributing to a greater goal: enough clean and safe water for all," added Tony Sarraf, Vice President and General Manager for Ecolab Mexico.

"To ensure continued growth in an increasingly water-scarce world – and to help avoid a global water crisis – companies must decrease their water use and build smart, circular water management practices. The Smart Water Navigator will help them make that happen by bridging the gap between good intentions and effective action," concluded Tenuta.

In 2018, Ecolab helped its customers save 188 billion gallons of water worldwide, equivalent to the drinking water needs of 650 million people.


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