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Prevention, essential to avoiding
up to 25% of occupational accidents

Having adequate security protocols and following them reduces the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.

April 18, 2019

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. 18th April, 2019 - Accident risks are inherent to human activity, but they are foreseeable and preventable. Having established safety protocols and following them, reduces the risk of occupational accidents. According to data from the Mexican Social Security Institute (“IMSS”), being distracted is the cause of 25 percent of accidents at work.

In commemoration of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and the centenary of the International Labor Organization, Ecolab, leader in water, hygiene and energy products and services, promotes safety protocols and labor policies that reduce the risks of accidents in the workplace and optimize employee performance.

According to the last annual report published by IMSS, in 2017 there were 562,849 work accidents reported. In comparison, up to the third quarter of 2018 the figure stood at 378,262 cases of which 30,926 resulted in permanent disability or death. However, it is estimated that 40 percent of work accidents are not reported to the IMSS.

Among the economic activities that represent the greatest risk are construction, agriculture and industry, where accidents such as entrapment of extremities or limbs, amputations, crushing, falls, blows, cuts and injuries, occur most frequently. For example, 23 percent of work injuries registered in 2017 were caused by a sharp object, according to IMSS figures.

Places like the office also carry risks for workers. Approximately 25 percent of accidents are due to slips and falls, with stairs being the biggest culprit causing up to 5,000 accidents per year. In addition to this, there are cuts, blows and contact with electrical installations, whose misuse causes 2,000 mishaps each year.

Under this scenario, Ecolab promotes prevention based on establishing safety protocols and creating a culture of compliance. The company recommends following these simple four steps to create safe work environments:

Analyze the risks. Each company or sector is different. Evaluate possible causes of accidents and suppress them, as much as possible.

Create a procedure manual. Indicate step by step the way each activity is to be safely carried out and the appropriate tools or protective equipment to use for it.

Train. Having the necessary manuals and measures only works if the staff knows how to follow them. Having a trained staff, knowledgeable of the importance and adherence to security measures and procedures is essential to a safe workplace.

Monitor. Observe compliance of standards and protocols, and record progress, suggestions and opportunity areas.

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