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Dairy Membrane Solutions

Ultrasil™ Membrane Care Program

Dairy membrane care can be complicated and overwhelming. Dairy processing plants face many common membrane cleaning challenges including tough to clean soils, short membrane life, NPE-free requirements and high water consumption rates.

Ecolab offers innovative and effective membrane care solutions, to help you optimize membrane performance and meet your business goals. Let Ecolab experts help you increase membrane capacity, extend membrane life and enhance your productivity with our complete membrane care program.

Our Membrane Program Provides:

Innovation – best-in-class chemistries and automation

Expertise – a dedicated Membrane Center of Excellence, membrane diagnostic services and strong OEM and academia partnerships

Support – expert technical service, advanced problem solving, training and technical hotline


An effective dairy membrane program consists of alkaline, enzyme and acid membrane cleaners.​

Ultrasil 110: Alkaline Cleaner
Our non-chlorinated alkaline cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and microfiltration membranes in processing systems. Ultrasil 110’s liquid formula is easily dispensed, preventing overuse and prolonging membrane life. A fast rinsing time and excellent soil removal improves membrane performance and increases your output.
Ultrasil 67: Enzyme Cleaner
Ultrasil 67 is a neutral, enzymatic liquid cleaner designed to be used with an Ultrasil membrane alkaline cleaner in a two-part cleaning program for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane systems. The concentrated formula reduces cost of regular use, can eliminate the need for a protein-removal chlorine, and is compatible with most commonly used membranes.
Ultrasil 75: Acid Cleaner
Our Ultrasil 75 highly-acidic liquid cleaner combines a special blend of mineral acids for rapid removal of mineral scale in membrane processing solutions. The non-foaming liquid formulation speeds cleaning and is economical at recommended use dilution. As part of a complete dairy membrane program, even acid-tolerant OEM membranes will receive a thorough cleaning with Ultrasil 75. 
Ultrasil Membrane Cleaning and Care Program | Ecolab
Ultrasil 09 NPE-Free Surfactant
Membrane care in high-fat, high-variability processes can be complicated. You need an effective membrane cleaning solution that promotes food safety while protecting your membrane investment. Ultrasil 09 is a surfactant that provides effective fat removal, lets you eliminate NPEs completely from the membrane cleaning process, and can improve membrane capacity and throughput.