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An ice-cream plant detected the presence of Listeria in its samples by microbiological analysis. Examination of the root cause of the problem revealed failures to clean the drains and filter bodies, causing the entire system to become contaminated with organic waste. The challenge was to find an effective solution that would facilitate manual cleaning of the equipment.

BOOST 3200 and 3201 is a unique two‐part chemistry formed by an oxidizing disinfectant and a liquid additive that used together effectively disinfect equipment and contact surfaces. They also help remove and control biofilm and other organic contaminants commonly found in hard-to-reach drains, pipes and trunk lines.



Our experts suggested the Boost cleaning program for drainage, an efficient method to combat Listeria in the food industry. A deep disinfection was carried out on the filter bodies to prevent microorganisms from entering the equipment and thus prevent contamination of the product.

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With the implementation of the cleaning program, Listeria was eliminated, obtaining microbiological results within the client's standards. In the first sampling we obtained positive results regarding the presence of the microorganism in 25 filters. After the corrective cleaning, we obtained only one positive with 1 CFU / cm2.

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