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Whey and Cheese Processing

Innovative Solutions for Cleaning, Sanitation and Food Quality Improvements

Discover tailored solutions for cheese processing plants that boost operational efficiency and reduce processing downtime for improved productivity. Ecolab optimizes every aspect of cheese and whey production with innovative solutions that protect food safety and food quality while improving sustainability for the dairy industry.

Partnering to Produce Safe Food & Beverages

Our goal together is to produce quality and safe beverages, made as efficiently, responsibly and profitably as possible. Learn more about what an Ecolab partnership can do for you.

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Clean In Place (CIP) for Whey and Cheese Processing:

Clean In Place Solutions

CIP solutions

Optimize your CIP process to help reduce water and energy consumption through our range of CIP cleaning products and engineered systems. We can find solutions that work. Learn how we can custom-engineer a system that accommodates your specific requirements and delivers operational savings and consistent results.


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3D TRASAR™ Technology for CIP is a diagnostic tool to verify key parameters for every clean-in-place (CIP) wash and alerts you when any wash step deviates specification. Learn how our 3DT for CIP can help you improve food safety, quality and consistency across your CIP operations.


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Cheese and Dairy Membrane Solutions

Partner with Ecolab to help extend membrane life, increase productivity and optimize operations in the dairy industry. Ecolab has the industry’s largest global team of membrane experts, unmatched in both number and years of experience. Our continued focus and investment help keep customers on the cutting edge of technology as membranes play an increasingly important and complex roll in cheese and dairy processing.

Cheese Processing Success Stories

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Our Cheese Processing Solutions

Learn how our solutions can help you solve your challenges.

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